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Protecting Your Roseville Family Is Our Top Priority

Safeguarding your family takes a lot of work. You must keep them fed, help them stay healthy, and be on the lookout for any dangers they may encounter. A pest infestation can cause many problems for the people who live in an infested home. Pests can damage your house to the point of making it an unsafe place to live. They can also spread illnesses that are serious or even fatal. Let White Line Pest Management help protect your family from these threats with our pest control services exclusive to Roseville residents.

Our Residential Services

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White Line Pest Management is more than just your local pest control company; we are a source of information for Roseville residents, and our phone lines are always open to accept questions about Roseville's most common pests. To further assist homeowners with protecting their families, we provide the following home pest control services in Roseville:

Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan

At White Line Pest Management, we believe prevention is far better than the cure. With our Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Not only will we eliminate any active pest infestations, but we’ll also keep your home protected against future ones.

Our Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan includes the following features:

  • Costs either $42 per month or $82 per service – we work with your budget!

  • Prevents pests from invading your property.

  • Provides treatments every two months.

  • Provides free re-treatments between service visits if necessary.

  • Covers all common structural pests*, including rodents and German cockroaches.

*These service plans do not include termites or bed bugs.

Our Home Pest Control Process

a white line pest management service technician inspecting the exterior of a home in roseville california


Before we begin any treatment, we'll perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to determine what pests you're dealing with, how they're getting inside, and how severe the infestation.

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We offer a bi-monthly maintenance plan, as well as specialty services to treat specific pest problems. You'll receive the treatment you need to make your home free of pests and safe for your family and pets.

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Our bi-monthly maintenance plan includes service visits every other month to ensure your home stays pest-free all year. Follow-up visits vary for specialty services based on the specific plan. Contact us for more information.

Our Specialty Service Options

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White Line Pest Management also offers several specialty service options that eliminate and prevent specific pests that can cause problems for homeowners.

Bed Bug Control Service

This service starts with an assessment and evaluation. Afterward, we move on to our bed bug treatments which include vacuuming, steaming, dusting, sanitation, and mattress encasement. Our experts will follow up with your home 15 days after initial treatment, and again 30 days after the first follow-up visit, to ensure bed bug activity has not re-emerged.

Bird Control Service

Abatement services are available on a limited basis. Contact us to learn more!

Mosquito Control Service

Our mosquito control services are performed as needed. We target adult mosquitoes, and we provide treatment to standing water upon request.

Rodent Control Service

Our rodent control options include preventative treatments utilizing outdoor bait stations, and active infestation treatments that include rodent trapping and exclusion work.

No Matter Your Needs, White Line Pest Management Can Help!

Whether you have an active infestation, want to prevent pests from invading your house to begin with, or need an insurance plan to help minimize the costs if an infestation does occur, White Line Pest Management can help. Our Roseville, CA services are effective, professional, and friendly. Schedule your pest control service today!


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