Six Easy & Effective Ant Control Tips For Roseville Property Owners

August 14, 2020

We may all find that we spend quite a bit of time in our kitchens preparing meals or grabbing a quick snack. We enjoy socializing while eating or sitting down for a family meal. We don't, however, appreciate little six-legged creatures crawling out to join us.

carpenter ants crawling on a wooden structure

Nobody wants to share their kitchen with a family of ants. Though most species of ants aren't particularly dangerous, once they find their way into your Roseville home, they are quite the nuisance.

Ant Facts

Ant species all have three body segments and six legs but vary slightly in shape, color, and size.  Ants are organized creatures and divide their workload into colony castes. These groups are made up of queens, males, and workers. The queens are reproductive females, and their responsibility is to lay eggs. The male's purpose is to mate with the queens. The workers are wingless, sterile females that gather food, take care of the larvae, look after the nest, and defend the colony.

Types Of Ants In Roseville, CA

Here in Roseville, we deal mainly with Argentinian ants, carpenter ants, and fire ants. If you find ants inside of your home, you are most likely dealing with Argentinian ants or carpenter ants. Both species find their way into your home in search of food and water. Both will eat anything that contains sugar.

Carpenter ants tunnel through wooden structures. They do not eat the wood, but rather use wood to build tunnels that lead to their nesting areas, also known as galleries. Unlike the species found indoors, fire ants are most likely to be found outside and are the most hazardous. They will repeatedly bite or sting anyone that threatens their nest. Their bites can be very painful, and for those who are allergic, a fire ant attack could result in a visit to the hospital.

Six Tips For Controlling Ants On Your Property

One thing you want to prevent, if at all possible, is a colony of ants invading your home. On top of being a major nuisance, they contaminate food and spread bacteria. They carry the bacteria on their bodies and spread it throughout your home as they crawl across surfaces and into your pantry.

Ants will most likely invade your home during the warmer months, but they could become a year-round problem. Though some species of ants build their nests inside homes, most species build their nests outdoors. Regardless, when they forage for food, your home becomes a target. Once they find a food source that works for them in your home, they will continuously come in and out to feed their colony.

As a homeowner, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep ants off of your property and out of your house.

  • Remove and minimize moisture. Like most pests, ants need water to survive. Fix water leaks and wipe up spills.
  • Keep surfaces clean. Wipe up food particles. Wash dirty dishes and keep appliances tidy.
  • Seal cracks or gaps. Any entrances to your home need to be blocked.
  • Move debris away from the house. You don’t want the soil surrounding your home to become an easy place to build nests.
  • Use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your home.
  • Use insecticide bait rather than spray to eliminate the queen and the workers.

Call For Help

As homeowners, no one wants their home and property to be completely overrun by an army of ants. You can try to tackle the problem on your own, but to destroy a colony, you need to eliminate the queen. This may be hard to do without professional help.

At White Line Pest Management, we have the tools and experience needed to solve any pest problem in Roseville, CA. We use integrated pest management techniques to eliminate ants from your home and prevent them from returning in the future. Contact us to request your free estimate!

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