Secret To Ant Prevention In Roseville

March 17, 2020

When people think of insects, certain words frequently come to mind. Terms such as “gross” “scary" and “poisonous” get applied to bugs like roaches and spiders. Ants, on the other hand, usually just get called “annoying.” They’re also thought to be harmless, but actually, they’re anything but. Ants carry bacteria on their bodies, and thus, can contaminate food and surfaces. Some species transmit diseases and can cause pain or allergic reactions with their bites. Others destroy wood. The most common types of ants in Roseville are Argentine and odorous house ants. These critters can quickly infest your space and are hard to get rid of. Identification and prevention are key. Get tips now and learn how White Line Pest Management can help.

atgentine ant infesttation in a home

Argentine & Odorous House Ants: Identification & Behavior

Argentine ants are very tiny at around ⅛ of an inch long. Their smooth, hairless bodies are light or dark brown. The adult reproductives have wings. Argentine ants thrive in moisture. They’re attracted to mulch, soil, waste, and decay. They tend to be under foundations, boards, logs, and debris, and nest in trees and shrubs. During cooler weather, they’ll make their way inside through cracks to find shelter. Though they’ll eat almost anything, they favor sweet and oily foods. Their colonies are large and hold multiple queens, so they breed quickly. Their eggs are white and contain larvae. These ants travel as a group in trails, between their nests and food sources. Seeing a train of them is a primary sign of infestation.

Odorous house ants are just slightly larger than their Argentine partners. Their bodies are also smooth and hairless, but they’re black or dark brown in color. Their body segments are unevenly shaped. The “house ant” name partially comes from their preference of being indoors for warmth and moisture. Inside is ideal for their nesting and feeding. They can inhabit walls, paneling, floor voids, pipes, heaters, and carpeting. Rain often encourages their house invasions. On their desired list of food is meat, sugar, vegetables, dairy and fruit juice. If they’re outdoors, they usually live in the soil or under rocks and wood. “Odorous” is part of their name because they smell like rotting coconut when they’re smashed. While they can bite, their nibbles don’t cause humans much pain. They too move in a trail and reproduce fast; spotting them likely means you have an infestation.

Argentine and odorous house ants aren’t known for ruining property, but they can spread bacteria and taint food.

Preventing Argentine & Odorous House Ants

You can keep your place from being a paradise for these pests with the following actions:

  • Seal any gaps and crevices in walls, foundations, windows frames, and rooflines.

  • Put door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Keep greenery groomed and distanced from your property.

  • Store food in sealed containers and clean food messes immediately.

  • Make sure your kitchen and pantry stay neat.

  • Regularly vacuum and take out the trash.

White Line Pest Management Ant Control 

Eliminating ants on your own can be difficult. They multiply so rapidly, they can take over whole city blocks. Ordinary household insecticides sometimes worsen ant issues because they cause ants to scatter and create new nests elsewhere. Further, controlling them requires several repeat treatments. You can save yourself time, money, and stress by giving White Line Pest Management a call. We have the expertise and high-end products to properly and thoroughly remove ants. Our maintenance and insurance plans are affordable and offer ongoing care. We start with a free inspection followed by a custom treatment plan and quality service. You’ll have a pest-free home in no time!

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