Everything Roseville Homeowners Ought To Know About Cockroach Infestations

January 10, 2020

They are able to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure, are built with a natural tolerance to radiation. Cockroaches are about as tough as pests come. What does this mean for you as a homeowner? It means you need to know more about cockroaches to keep them out of your Roseville home. Today we will be opening up the book on cockroaches and pulling out every fact you need to know. Let's dive right in.

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Common Types Of Cockroaches In Roseville

Here in California, we have a wider variety of cockroach species than most other states. We have German cockroaches, the most common roach around the world, present on every continent except Antarctica. We have Oriental cockroaches, shiny black in color, also known as water bugs. We have brown-banded cockroaches, warm weather loving pests with a propensity to get inside on furniture and other household objects. We have Turkestan cockroaches, a less common but still prevalent cockroach pest. And finally, we have American cockroaches, the biggest pest roach in all of North America.

Problems Cockroaches Cause 

Despite the variety of cockroaches in our area, the problems cockroaches, in general, can cause are all basically the same. For one, all cockroaches can carry and spread diseases. Specifically, cockroaches have been known to carry 33 different types of bacteria, 7 unique human pathogens, and 6 harmful parasitic pests. When wandering through your home late at night, cockroaches spread harmful pathogens onto kitchen countertops, inside dinnerware and containers, around tables, and over left-out food. That is a lot of ways for you and your family to get sick.
Cockroaches are also known to trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. This happens as a result of molting, a natural process of shedding skin. From this skin, particulates get into the air and can be transferred throughout homes via ventilation systems.

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Keep Out

Did you know that cockroaches can sometimes travel between homes using connecting utility piping and sewer lines? This is just one of the crafty ways cockroaches can get into your home. They are also able to use cracks in your home’s foundation, gaps around window and door frames, spacing around exterior utility piping, and other structural damage to get inside. Because of the number of ways cockroaches can get inside, prevention can be difficult. That being said, here are some prevention tips you can try to deter cockroaches from getting into your home.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks, and openings in your home’s exterior and fix any damage roaches might try to use to get inside.
  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets, repair broken gutters, and install dehumidifiers in rooms that are high in humidity.
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Fit your indoor and outdoor trashcans with tight-sealing lids.
  • Clean regularly, and as messes happen. Do not neglect the area beneath appliances and furniture.
  • Store leftover food inside airtight containers.
  • Reduce clutter and keep things as tidy as possible.

The Best Way To Defend Your Home Against Roaches

DIY will not guarantee that cockroaches stay out of your home, but professional pest control through White Line Pest Management will. Whether you are looking to eliminate a current cockroach infestation, or for a way to keep cockroaches our for good, we have your answers here.
Don’t wait to get your home the protection it deserves. Reach out to us today to find out what quality pest control services can mean for you and your home.

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