Are Earwigs In Roseville Dangerous?

May 14, 2020

When you find earwigs crawling around inside your Roseville home, it can have you wondering if the stories are true. Do they really climb into the ears of sleeping people, tunnel into the brain, and lay their eggs? We're happy to say that these stories are fiction— well, mostly. Here's what you should know about earwigs.

earwig in kitchen

Earwigs don't have the ability to tunnel to your brain from your ear canal. So even if an earwig wanted to do this (which it doesn't) it would not be able to. It is also not likely to lay eggs inside your ear. An earwig will lay eggs in a suitable environment for its offspring. Your ear canal is not a suitable environment. It does not provide a food source for emerging nymphs. But, there is one thing an earwig can do; it can get into your ear. In fact, it might want to.

Before you get too alarmed, you should know that documented cases of earwigs being found in the ear canal of humans are rare. This is likely due to the fact that humans don't sleep where earwigs tend to climb around. Earwigs seek out dark, damp, cool locations to live. These are not ideal conditions for a human to sleep. Humans are also not likely to lay on the ground where an earwig can crawl on them.

So, why might an earwig want to get into your ear? Earwigs prefer tight spaces and high levels of moisture. Your ear canal could look inviting to an earwig. Perhaps this is why earwigs got their name. When people used to spend more time sleeping on the ground or on mattresses without a bed frame, it was probably more likely that earwigs got into ears.

Are there any other reasons to be concerned about earwigs? Do they bite? Do they have venom? We're happy to say that they do not. While an earwig has a set of pincers that look scary, those pincers cannot break your skin or sting you. They are for doing battle with other bugs. They're no match for you.

Do earwigs spread diseases? While many bugs can spread bacteria, parasitic worms, and human pathogens, earwigs do not. This is because their habits are not generally filled with harmful organisms. They climb around on the ground, under leaf piles, in the cracks of rocks and other organic debris. While they are certainly dirty insects, they're not filthy insects.

What You Should Know Most About Earwigs

The attraction earwigs have to moisture, organic debris, and tight spaces often brings them into contact with rotting wood and water damage in a home. Earwigs usually get into a home through damage caused by carpenter ants, mice, rats and other wood-destroying pests. If you have earwigs in your home, it is likely that you have rotting wood that should be addressed. It is also likely that you have a few other conditions that should be addressed, such as:

  • Gutters that are clogged and overflowing.

  • A broken downspout or splash guard.

  • A leaking spigot.

  • Leaves near your exterior walls or underneath exterior structures, such as a deck or porch.

  • Dense vegetation, tall grass, or weeds near your home.

What To Do About Earwigs

As you work to address attractants that lure earwigs near your home, and entry points that are allowing them into your home, remember that White Line Pest Management is available to assist you with keeping earwigs, and a long list of other pests, out of your Roseville home. A quality pest control program works to repel and eliminate insects, like earwigs, before they get in. If you'd like to learn more or schedule to meet with one of our pest professionals, reach out to us. While earwigs aren't dangerous, there are many Roseville pests that can be. We can help you stay protected.

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